Additional Author Services

A manuscript is an intricately personal piece of a writer’s heart and soul. We at Alexandrian Archives understand that and we want to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional author!


To do that, we offer services to help your book stand out of the crowd and transform from words on paper to a vision that your readers will experience with you!

Some of our services include:

Complimentary and included free with all of our authors!

The Bronze Package consists of spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction and basic sentence evaluation and modification. This package is for manuscripts that have already been through a full edit and need only minor revisions. Included is a soft proofread for consistency and storyline flow.

The Silver Package consists of an in depth editing of spelling, grammar, and punctuation correction plus structure and literary technique. Clarifies and/or reorganizes as needed. The Silver Package also includes a complimentary Bronze Package!!!

Up to 250  ppgs, (8-1/2 x 11.0) only  $125!

250 - 500 ppgs, (8-1/2 x 11.0)  only  $225!

500 - 750 ppgs, (8-1/2 x 11.0)  only  $325!

The Gold Package consists of all the services of the Silver Package plus an in depth evaluation and assessment of your book’s content for flow, readability and consistency including usage of narrative and comprehension. We also offer more in depth help with references and citations, (for non-fiction), to make sure that your manuscript is legally sound and well informed! Any suggestions will be notated and highlighted for you, the author, to amend in your own words and style. Then, return to us for a complimentary Bronze Package!!!

Rates are $.0050 per word...that's only 1/2 of a penny per word!!!


Watch your book come to life with professional, custom artwork by our own author/artist, Hieros!

With over 20 years of artwork experience, let Hieros bring your particular visions and plot to life with his board and digital expertise. From concept, to design and then digitally formatted, Hieros will put your custom vision in print with graphic art. Copyright and ownership of custom commissioned artwork will be retained by you, the author!

As our in-house artist, examples of Hieros' work can be found by viewing our current book covers, which were designed by Hieros.

~ Interior artwork generally runs in the range of $25 ~ $100 per piece depending on the caliber of art requested.

~ Custom cover artwork generally starts at $100 ~ $300 on the norm and can increase based on the project.

Custom cover services differ from our standard cover services, (automatically included for authors),  in two major ways:

1) You, the author, owns the copyright to the contracted art, whereas our standard covers are owned by Alexandrian Archives Inc.

2) Contracted art is custom tailored to your specific needs and wants according to your storyline, (ie specific character image development, specific scenes, etc...)

Also, if you are purchasing one or more of our services, we can custom tailor a discounted package to suit your needs!

Please contact us, through the link at the bottom of the page, for a specific quote to fit your needs!

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